How to get 90 out of 90

Your main goal should be how to achieve 90

In order to get 90/90 on each section you need to be perfect in all the section right? But how its possible to make it perfect. There are many non-native English speaker can do it. But questions is how? There must be some method around that. But is it only for them ? Or it can it for you as well?

Most of the PTE students are overseas interactions students and English is not there native language. As PTE marks are very important as its contribute point to the PR application. In order to get the best score few things need to be in mind.

1. You must believe that you can do it

2. You need to have aim for 90/90 not less than that. Don’t say that you are happy, if you get 79+. Again, you need to be determined to get 90/90

3. Aim for your score

4. Go through the right training

5. Follow every step from the right mentor

6. Appear in the mock test and see the result

7. Find out your gap and fill those gap

8. Do consistence practise. Not just on and off

9. Do not listen from others who has negative thought about their score and your score

10. Do not aim for appear in the exam again and again

11. Appear only one time and get the score

12. If you are not prepare 100%, do not book your exam. Or else you going to spend your money for nothing and never get the score

13. Talk to PTE specialist to confirm your score and then appear in the final exam

14. Do not find the short cut and wrong way to get the score

15. Get the correct method and get the score.